Pacific Coast Play Spots

This is a link to posts of our favorite play spots. They're not all here yet, but lot's more coming soon:

The first half of these posts are just a general story, for more paddling specific info just jump to the second half of the posts.

"The Cove" and Flat Rock link
 How many times have I headed out of Pillar Point Harbor with the intention of heading up the coast to Flat Rock, but have never made it and instead have chosen to spend hours playing less than a mile from the put in? The answer: Lots!!

Goat Rock link
I  would have to say that I would rate this spot number one for Bay Area rock gardening play!

Franklin Point Rock Garden link
The Franklin Point rock gardens stretch for only about one mile of the coast. But in this one mile there can be found a full day of challenging yourself while making your way through the maze of rocks and coves.

Marin Headlands link 
"These guys are crazy!" I thought, "I would never do something like that!"

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